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SmoothCursor 2.6.1 MacOSX
SmoothCursor 2.6.1 Mac OS X
SmoothCursor 2.6.1 MacOSX | 7 MB
SmoothCursor is a menu-bar application that provides separate controls for customizing the mouse and trackpad accelerations. It is the perfect tool to use in combination with drawing applications and FPS games!

SmoothCursor is a status bar application that provides separate controls for customizing the mouse and trackpad accelerations and a quick way to alternate between acceleration profiles using a HotKey — perfect for drawing applications and FPS games!

User-definable Hotkey
One of the most relevant features in version 2.0 is the ability to alternate between 2 profiles using an user-definable HotKey.

System Notifications
SmoothCursor will display a system notification every time a different profile is activated using Growl or Mountain Lion's (10.8) Notification Center (This feature is optional and can be disabled by the user.)

And More
Streamlined user interface
Always one-click away
Supported acceleration ranges: normal acceleration (>0 to 6), no acceleration (0), inverse acceleration (-6 to <0)
Automatically start at login (user-definable)
Special enforce mode (preserves user acceleration settings even if some other processes try to change them)

Requirement: OS X 10.7 or later
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