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  商品編號: DVDXX17491
  商品名稱: ORPALIS PDF OCR 1.1.28 Professional 一個非常快速的PDF到PDF-OCR轉換器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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ORPALIS PDF OCR 1.1.28 Professional 一個非常快速的PDF到PDF-OCR轉換器
一個非常快速的PDF到PDF-OCR轉換器。它通過運行光學字符識別(OCR)提供了一種將掃瞄的PDF文檔轉換為可文本搜索的PDF的有效方式。 ORPALIS PDF OCR免費版包括由公認的行業專家製造的高質量OCR引擎。它將PDF快速轉換為PDF / OCR單頁或多頁文檔。最新技術用於獲得高性能的佈局分析,無論頁面的方向如何,都可以進行字符識別。

Languages: English, French | 

Turn all your documents into Searchable PDFs! Scanned documents and images now searchable in a blink of an eye thanks to an innovative conversion engine. If you need a simple way to convert them into searchable documents, turning to third-party software solutions can be the best alternative. ORPALIS PDF OCR is one of the programs that can help you accomplish the task mentioned above easily.

To offer a fast and powerful tool quite a lot of technology is required. Here are a few facts about ORPALIS PDF OCR and the team who developed it.

- Faster document to PDF OCR conversion tool of the market.
- High quality optical character recognition and layout analysis.
- Productive and intuitive interface.
- Image files are now searchable
- No more wasted time looking for information in log documents.
- Performs fast automatic indexation on high volume of documents.
- User friendly software thanks to its intuitive interface.
- Fast and reliable OCR engine powered by the worldwide bestseller GdPicture.NET SDK.
- Built by recognized industry experts.

Requirements: Windows starting from XP SP3 to Windows 10.